3 most common problems when pregnant women eat bird nest

Bird nest is a nutritious food supplement that is very suitable for pregnant women during pregnancy, bird’s nest has a mild nature, can be eaten in spring, summer, autumn and winter without causing burden on the body.

Although pregnant women will have many questions about eating bird nest during pregnancy, here are the 3 most frequently asked questions, let’s answer them slowly !

| Pregnant need to eat a lot of bird nest during pregnancy?

Some pregnant mothers are eager and feel they can eat more bird’s nest when pregnant with a baby. We recommend that the average person consume 3 – 5 grams per day (before soaking). Some pregnant women will eat more, eat more than 5 grams.

| Pregnant after cesarean section can eat bird nest ?

| Eating bird nest during pregnancy, after unloading (after giving birth) should you continue to eat bird nest ?

Yes, we usually advise pregnant women to continue eating bird’s nest after giving birth. Let’s not talk about the benefits that the average person can continue to eat bird’s nest. Pregnant mothers who continue to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy and after giving birth will benefit both the pregnant mother and the fetus.

For pregnant mothers, because bird’s nest is rich in protein and other high-quality nutrients, it has a nourishing effect before and after childbirth, helping pregnant women maintain health, beauty and youth. It can also help pregnant women strengthen their physical strength and supplement nutrition during pregnancy.

For babies, the acid content of bird’s nests of pregnant women will also decrease after giving birth, if they continue to eat bird’s nests after childbirth, not only can they supplement sialic acid for pregnant women but also indirectly feed their babies. through breastfeeding. This is a great choice !

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