6 ways to help you avoid buying fake bird nest

Last week, a customer came to the store and asked us what the glue bird nest and said she was worried about buying fake bird nest and ate it.

We’ve appeased guests and explained what’s been going on with labeled bird’s nests for a while, as well as some reviews so guests can make their own judgments and avoid buying fake nests in the future. future. We already explained in the “How to make the fake bird nest?”, section, but this time we’ll explain better !

| Why are there fake bird nests ?

Wherever there is a need, there will be a supply.

Bird nest is always a typical representative of high-quality nutritious foods. In addition to buying for consumption (for nutrition, pregnancy, post-surgery recovery), donation is the most important need when buy bird nest. When buying bird’s nests, people will give priority to choosing large, white and dense oats, meeting the “need” to look luxurious and high-class when eating or giving.

| How to make fake bird nest ?

In general, the following five materials can be used to glue the bird nest :

● hydrocolloid bird nest

Mainly composed of plant secretions, substance extracts, microbial gum, seaweed gum, synthetic gum or the like. As it is still edible, it will not cause any harm to health. strong. The problem is that if it is a bird’s nest with a large amount of edible glue, it will be taken away by consumers !

● Tapioca

It’s similar to edible gum, and tapioca is cheaper than edible gum! You can buy a large bag of tapioca for just a few costs!

● Water-locking agent

Using water-locking agent is a terrible way to glue! Excessive consumption can be harmful to human body! Water blockers can lock the water in the bird’s nest, the composition is similar to hairspray. After combing the feathers of the bird’s nest, when you touch it, you will see that the oats are dry, but the moisture has been locked in the bird’s nest, so the combed feathers will be heavier and can be sold at a higher price.

● White glue

Applying white glue is almost the same as applying a water-retaining agent. Eating things like white glue will definitely affect your health, that’s a very bad way to apply glue !

| How to distinguish fake bird nest ?

Consumers can use the following six ways to determine if they are purchasing a feathered bird nest :

● Reflective surface

The gloss of the common bird nest surface is relatively light and natural, with no obvious reflection. And the brushed bird’s nest will look like an unnatural reflective glue.

● Surface texture

The pattern of the normal bird’s nest will have some uneven, prominent spots, more or less there will be some crevices, not very dense. The nest is combed relatively fine, the ridges are irregular and unclear. clear, surface few cracks, relatively flat.

● Is the water clean after soaking ?

After buying the bird’s nest, we usually soak it in water for about 30 minutes, called soaking. After soaking the bird’s nest normally, the bird’s nest will disperse and soften, the water is still clear and not cloudy. (There will be fine impurities, down) However, combed bird’s nest will disperse in less than 30 minutes, otherwise it will not dissolve after long soaking, water will be more cloudy, white powder is not present nature.

● The color of bird nest

Normal bird’s nests are usually beige and light white. In the rainy season, bird’s nests will be whiter (refer: How to distinguish different types of bird’s nests), look uneven and look natural. The color of the bird’s nest has passed. combed (or bleached bird’s nest) will be much whiter (this is one of the purposes of brushing, after all), and the color will be more even and unnatural.

| Conclusion

Through the above explanation, I believe that people will better understand the origin of bird’s nest and how to evaluate, avoid buying combed bird nest and do not harm yourself when eating.

In summary, natural bird’s nest is usually not perfect in appearance, and must have some cracks and breaks caused by natural cleaning and processing. When you go to buy, remember not to believe that the white, big and perfect beauty nest is a high-class bird’s nest, which is easy to damage money and health !

If you like it or find it useful, please share it with us and help more people avoid buying fake bird nest ~

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