Eating bird nest will harmful the healthy ? 3 principles to understand to choose bird nest

Many people doubt the ability to consume bird nest. In general, “salanganes’ nests are nests built by swiftlets”, people believe that eating bird nests is an act of “aiding the bird nest traders to destroy the swiftlet house and make the swiftlets homeless”. However, one of them is really misunderstanding, and some perceptions about ecological balance are not really correct, so they have left people with such a bad impression. But today, when picking swiftlets, people often adhere to three principles: don’t pick unfinished nests, don’t pick when the nests have swiftlet eggs, and don’t pick when the nests have young birds. This time let us slowly explain and resolve your doubts!

| Eating bird nest destroys the nest of swiftlets?

Those who are not familiar with products from bird’s nest sometimes have the impression “why want to eat bird’s nest at home?” make the nest into the house?”. People feel that if the nest is taken away, when the swift returns to the nest and cannot find the nest to rest, the swiftlet must rebuild the nest.

<3 swiftlet" is more correct.

Swallow’s nest is the glue secreted by golden swifts when building nests, adult birds will gradually build their nests. a complete nest when the chicks grow up. The nest itself is not large, and can usually only hold two young swallows, so young swallows that are not yet good at flying can stay. When an adult bird needs to rest, it will use its legs to cling and cling to the outside of the nest to rest.

When the young swallows grow up and mature to be able to fly out of the nest, the swiftlet family will fly out of the nest. natural environment to forage and rest, instead of returning to the original nest to rest. Like when a baby grows up, it usually doesn’t return to the nest to rest. After the next spawning, they will rebuild the new nest and not reuse the old one.

Therefore, picking the nest will not make the swifts lose their home, after they leave the nest will not rotate use that nest again.


| Eating bird’s nest will kill small swiftlets?

In the past, when house swiftlets were not popular, the main source of bird’s nests was cave swiftlets in the wild. At that time, the people lacked awareness of ecological balance, the bird nest workers in the cave were very dangerous because of climbing, so they would look for the nests and nests in the cave. tube was intact. As a result, the ecosystem of the swiftlet’s habitat was severely damaged, many people have a bad impression of eating the nest, “eating the nest is destroying the swiftlet house, killing the small swiftlet”.

however, the development of swiftlets these days is very fast and most of the nests nowadays are from words house swiftlet. The swiftlet house simulates the natural cave environment, controls the temperature and humidity of the environment, plays the sound of the swiftlets to attract the swiftlets to build nests in the swiftlet house.

Compared to cave swiftlets, choosing house swiftlets is much safer, observing nesting status and the reproduction of golden swifts is also much easier. This allows for regular picking without destroying the nest by scouring, and allows the nestlings to grow smoothly and safely, and then return to build the nest.


| Conclusion: 3 principles of choosing bird nest

Due to the increasing awareness of ecological balance in modern times, not only gatherers but also the public they all have the concept of animal conservation and ecological maintenance. In fact, whether it is a cave bird or a house bird, it is necessary to have a mindset that is to protect ecology, for the environment to develop sustainably, when picking bird’s nests, they often follow the principle of “3 nos”:

Do not pick up unfinished nest
Do not pick up nests with bird’s eggs
Do not pick nests containing birds young bird nest

In addition, many countries that produce bird’s nests have also developed related laws and regulations, regulating only those New qualified and certified bird’s nest suppliers can produce bird’s nests for consumers to buy.

I hope this explanation can help you understand what is causing the bad impression that “eats nest” swiftlet will harm the bird’s nest” is the result of misunderstandings and old practices in the past. Qualified, ecologically balanced birders pay more attention to the cleanliness of the swiftlet house, and regularly clean up the environment to make the construction of the swiftlet more comfortable.

If you meet a friend with the same impression, please share this article with him, let them know. that the bird’s nest industry is constantly improving and improving!

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