Three benefits of pregnant women when eating bird nest

I often hear people say that pregnant and soon-to-be women are the best fit for eat bird’s nest. The reason is that bird’s nest is a mild tonic, can eat bird’s nest in spring, summer, autumn, winter, eating during illness is also very suitable, not causing an uncomfortable burden on the body. So, I would like to tell you in advance, if you can buy real bird’s nest (not including poor quality bird’s nest with chemicals), you can definitely feed pregnant women with bird’s nest!
Next, I will introduce to you 3 main benefits of eating bird’s nest for pregnant women!

| Help pregnant women get more nutrition

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women may experience morning sickness, often not eating or swallowing, if this happens often, it can make pregnant women malnourished. Although the amount of bird’s nest is not large, it is very rich in nutrients. Abundant nutritional value such as rich in water-soluble protein can provide proper nutrition and promote metabolism; Many trace elements can help regulate physiological function and these elements can supplement the nutrition that pregnant women need during pregnancy.


| Help the baby healthy from the womb

Thirty-seventh pregnancy cycle is the golden period of rapid fetal development. Bird’s nest contains a lot of “sialic acid”, according to research and investigation, the composition of breast milk also contains sialic acid, which can help normal development. Bird’s nest is the food with the highest sialic acid content! Therefore, long-term consumption of bird’s nest during this period will help the baby in the womb develop normally!


| Skin Care

Pregnant mothers have a hard time getting pregnant! Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and colony-stimulating factor (CSF) contained in bird’s nest can help maintain beauty, promote metabolism and maintain youthful beauty.

Pregnant mom is really hard, if her husband can see this post, it takes a hundred times more effort. times during this period to take good care of your wife! If you are interested in the nutritional content and effects of bird’s nest, you can read this article: Nutritional value of bird’s nest.

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