Cancer patients can eat bird nest ?

Bird nest is always considered a food with nourishing and healing effects, because it contains high quality nutrients. Can help supplement nutrition, strengthen physical strength and replenish after surgery. However, some people think that bird’s nest is not suitable for cancer patients and worry that eating bird nest will increase the proliferation of cancer cells but make cancer cells more active. more counterproductive.In fact, cancer patients should increase their nutritional resources, eating bird nest is a very good choice!
We’ll explain it well today!

| Bird nest contains many nutrients

The main nutrients of bird nest are protein Soluble in water (about 63%) and carbohydrates (about 26%), and contains many essential trace elements such as iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and amino acids. Protein is the best source of high-quality nutrition.

For this reason, some people worry that the nutrition of bird nest will also stimulate cancer cells, allowing cancer cells to proliferate as fast as normal cells, which is not conducive to chemotherapy and other treatments that kill cancer cells.

In this regard, according to a research report of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, there is not enough research to prove it. Bird nest can cause proliferation of cancer cells.


| Supplement necessary nutrition and physical strength

Treatment of cancer patients Current cancers mainly rely on chemotherapy or radiation therapy to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells will circulate throughout the body, trying to find nutrients to strengthen themselves, relying on protein in muscle and fat to survive. In addition, during cancer treatment and trying to destroy cancer cells, normal cells and immune cells in our body will also be affected, which makes the patient feel weak, rapid loss of strength and rapid weight loss.

During cancer treatment, the patient’s body needs to supplement itself with nutrition to have the strength to fight. fight illness. At this time, the patient can get enough meat and nutrients from a variety of foods, supplement a large amount of protein and nutrients, and provide the body with enough energy to fight for a long time.


So instead of worrying that after eating bird nest, the bird’s epidermal growth factor (EGF) dandelion will promote cancer cell problems (in fact, eating any food promotes cancer cell growth), cancer patients should pay more attention to balanced absorption.g the nutrients that they. Only when you have enough strength to fight it can you fight cancer for a long time.

At this time, bird nest is one of the most suitable sources of nutrition! In addition to being rich in high-quality protein, bird’s nests also contain many essential trace elements such as iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and amino acids, helping patients to supplement nutrition and fight cancer in time. long !

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