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The brand “Only Yen” was born from the cherish of lovers oats and wishes to bring products with high nutritional value to the community. With the motto “Only real oats“, all products “Only oats” are made 100% from real oats and still retain the pure sweet taste of nature.
So, even though it was only born not long ago, “Only Yen” has gradually convinced and created a firm belief in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.
Only Yen” currently has 8 main product lines:

Superior Bird Nest
Premium Bird Nest
Processed Bird Nest
Bird Nest Strip
Bird Nest With Little Feathers
Bird Nest Corner
Crushed Bird Nest


Each “Only Yen” product is created by the enthusiasm of skilled craftsmen. We commit to our customers about product standards, all of which have:

Clear provenance
Food safety and hygiene
No preservatives and chemical additives are used
Superior quality
Reasonable price

“Only Yen” is not only a delicious dish filled with wonderful nutrients of nature but also of humans. A reliable companion in health and beauty care for you and your loved ones.
If you post wondering looking for a product from oats? Do not hesitate, contact us immediately. We have a dedicated team of consultants, ready to assist you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.

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