How to choose and clean the bird nest?

Everybody knows that the bird’s nest after buying home needs to be decorated but did you know in advance When distilling bird’s nests, do they actually need to go through the “picking up feathers” stage? (Extended reading: “How to stew bird’s nests?”) Usually the bird’s nests sold at the market have been hand-selected by professionals, so the bird’s nests are that people see very little, but there are definitely fish that pass through the net.So, before buying and cooking you can pick up the feathers yourself or cook directly because they are basically not harmful to the body. can.

| Basic tools to get bird’s nest

First, prepare two basic tools for picking, tweezers for picking and a mesh spoon for filtering.

| Soak, wash and collect bird nest feathers

“Soak”, as the name implies, is to soak the bird’s nest, soak the bird’s nest in clean water for about 4 hours, During the soaking period, try to change the water as many times as possible to maintain the purity of the water. Do not leave the house without taking out the bird’s nest to change the water, not only will it not clean the bird’s nest completely, but the nutritional value will also be lost due to over-soaking (that is, always remember to pay attention during the soaking process). bird’s nest, do not soak for too long). In addition, do not think that the water used to soak the bird’s nest will have nutritional value, in fact there are only impurities, so please work hard to change the water!

After soaking the bird nest, use a mesh spoon to take the nest, wash it slowly with clean water, tear it into pieces. yarn along the oat fiber, help to remove impurities and wash, taste better and better! After tearing into strips, wash several times and then take out.

Finally, put the bird’s nest in a bowl of clean water, take out the nest with tweezers, dip it lightly in the water, and then release it. small bowl! In addition to the bird’s nest feathers, other impurities such as broken eggshells must be picked up.


| Keeping the nest shape and picking feathers

The main purpose of this picking method is to keep the shape of the nest, which is divided into dry picking and wet picking. .

The place where the most feathers are distributed is in the middle of the nest, the way to dry it is to pat the surface with your hands. nest surface to remove impurities. The nest falls out and then uses tweezers to pick up feathers. Know that fish This feather picker should not be too clean, so as not to damage the shape of the bird’s nest, limit the place to pick up feathers, and some impurities can only be washed away with water, and the sulphite content is set to a high level. If it can be boldly said that using the dry-picking method, with very little impurities, this type of bird’s nest must be of very good quality and expensive.

The second method of wet selection is to soak the nests in water, after the nests start to soften, take them out using a sieve. filter immediately, do not soak for too long, otherwise the nest will be destroyed and the original intention of maintaining the shape of the nest will be lost. After that, prepare a bowl of water and start picking the feathers with tweezers.

| Conclusion

The way to soak and pick up the first feathers of the bird’s nest is relatively simple and accessible, although the waiting time is longer. but impurities will be removed due to the number of times of cleaning, so the picking skill does not need to be too good. The process of picking up feathers will not be too long; The second way of picking feathers should not be soaked for a long time to keep the shape of the cup. Pick them all out and enjoy the premium bird’s nest with peace of mind.

I hope the explanation of this selection method will help people get more familiar with the preparation of the nest , the most important fact is “patience”! Regardless of the preparation, cooking or making, take your time to arrange it slowly for the best effect!

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