Brand story

The brand “Only Yen” was born, the crystallization of cherishing passion through many years and sweet opportunities with nature.

On an occasion to visit and experience the natural habitat of swiftlets, they I was really overwhelmed and convinced by the wild and magnificent beauty of nature here. We understand and love more about oats – a premium dish called by the most beautiful name “Loc Troi”.
With the mind and responsibility of a business person, we decided to bring bird’s nest products made from 100% real bird’s nest to all consumers. Enjoying “Only Yen”, customers will clearly feel the pure deliciousness of the quintessence of heaven and earth, and feel the hearts of people who still work day and night to bring the dish. The most nutritious for every Vietnamese family.


Always assert yourself through the slogan “Only real oats”, the product “Only Yen” of Dat Hoang company does not not only gives you a wonderful culinary experience, but also a reliable companion in your health care and beauty journey. With the vision to become the leading brand of bird’s nest in Vietnam with a team of experts with many years of experience in the profession, we commit that all products have:
– Clear origin
– Food safety and hygiene
– No preservatives and chemical additives are used
– Superior quality
– Reasonable price
We always listen to all suggestions from customers to improve our products and services Every day.
On the market today, real and fake bird’s nest products are appearing rampant, but with outstanding quality guaranteed 100% from nature, we believe that customers will cherish it. and and continue to trust products from “Only Yen”.

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