1. What is the difference between refined bird nest and raw bird nest ?

    • The basic difference is in the cleaning state of impurities contained in the bird’s nest. Often, when harvesting bird’s nests indoors or out in the wild, there will be some common impurities such as feathers or leaves during the nesting process. This process of cleaning impurities is completely manual, so depending on the type of bird’s nest cleaned or not, the price is different.

2. What is the use of bird nest ?

    • For the elderly
      For the elderly, especially those over 60 years old, authorities Functions in the body are aging rapidly, very susceptible to diseases. Using bird’s nest juice is very convenient, can be used regularly, does not take as much time as processing bird’s nest, but just buys bird’s nest juice to use.
      Bird’s nest water helps the bone and joint system develop. healthy development, anti-aging, prevention of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, help sleep better.
    • For children
      Bird’s nest juice has ingredients: Lysine, Phenylalanine. Therefore, it has an effective effect in increasing absorption, helping children’s bones to be strong, enhancing memory, stimulating the digestive system for children to absorb nutrients better, stimulating children to eat more deliciously.< /li>
    • For pregnant women
      Bird’s nest water has a nourishing effect on both mother and fetus Well developed and the baby will be smart and healthy when born, bird’s nest juice also works to help the mother regain strength and shape quickly after giving birth.
    • For men
      Bird’s nest water helps to increase vitality and healthy body.
      In addition, bird’s nest juice also has a good effect on people with cancer and diabetes, helping to repel diseased cells, preventing cells from growing stronger.
    • For women
      As women enter their 30s, women’s skin tends to dry out. more and become no longer high humidity causes women’s wrinkles to begin to appear. Thanks to the nutrient threonine in bird’s nest juice, after use, it will help form collagen and elastin to regenerate the skin. For people with cancer and diabetes, bird’s nest juice helps repel cells. disease-carrying cells, not allowing cells to grow stronger.

3. The bird nest after steaming the water is melted, is it a fake bird’s nest ?

    • Usually the steaming time is 30-45 minutes, to simmer. The steaming time is less than that of the whole oat fibers and is a bit tough compared to the longer steaming time, and the oats will expand to their full size and smoothness. If it is kept too long, the bird’s nest will melt because the bird’s nest is a water-based product made directly from the saliva of the swiftlet bird.
      Because of its high value, the bird’s nest is often counterfeited with a low level. The level is increasingly sophisticated, in order to be able to buy guaranteed quality bird’s nest at a good price, consumers should choose to buy bird’s nest at reliable addresses

4. What is the nutritional value of bird nest ?

    • Modern researches today show that nature’s bird nest has a chemical structure of a glycoprotein, that is, a compound made up of two main components. are carbohydrates and proteins, in which protein accounts for 45-60%, carbohydrates account for 20-27%. Protein in bird nest includes all amino acids, including essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. The special ingredient in bird nest is sialic acid, accounting for 9%. Sialic acid binds with carbohydrates and amino acids to create special functional properties of bird nest, has a quick recovery effect when the body is exposed to radiation or damage, and stimulates red blood cell growth. In addition, in bird’s nests, there are many macro- and micro-elements, which are useful and essential minerals for the nervous system, memory, digestive system to help strengthen the body’s immunity. .