Customer Service

With the philosophy: “Customer satisfaction is success, the driving force of Only Yến”.
Only Yến is constantly trying to bring the best service through the  customer care policy  below.

  1. Ensure customer benefits

    • Provide complete information, customer service.
    • Get answers to questions when using products and services continuously when customers need them.
    • Receive dedicated and attentive service from Only Yen’s customer care team.Receive dedicated and attentive service from Only Yến’s customer care team.
  2. Side of customer

    • Call the Hotline for answers

      Chat with Only Yen’s Customer Care Officer about all questions related to products and sales policies through  Hotline 0902 613 869 (Office hours)

    • Come our store

      We will answer and handle all your needs.
      Contact form

    • Contact via Email

      Send your question via email, we will contact you shortly. Mailing address:
      You need product advice. Please leave your information and we will contact you. Contact form

  3. Side of Only Yến

    • Always put the interests of customers first, ensure the interests of customers and the responsibility of Only Yến’s customer care team.
    • Regularly update information to be able to answer customer questions as soon as possible.
    • Proactively provide information and advice to customers quickly and accurately. Do not let your situation be uncomfortable because of the long wait.
    • Provide honest and transparent advice on company policies and procedures.
    • Sincerely thank customers for always trusting and supporting Only Yến.



Address:  142 Nguyen Van Cu, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0902.613.869