Return & Refund Policy


Only Yến will exchange/return goods and refund customers in the following cases:


  • products of Only Yến delivered wrong order (product name, weight, model)

Please contact hotline  0902.613.869, or inbox Only Yến’s Facebook and Instagram channels for advice on the process of changing new products.
Note : Only Yến encourages customers to take photos of the product as soon as they are received for comparison evidence/complaints later if needed..


  • product of Onlye Yến delivered is faulty or expired

In case the product is damaged due to transportation, or the manufacturer, you can refuse to receive it. At the same time, ask the delivery department to contact Only Yến directly.


  • Conditions of return and exchange

Time: within 7 days after receiving the goods.
Product terms:

      • The goods are still full: the product is in its original box, accompanied by the free products, the purchase receipt.
      • The goods have absolutely no signs of use.


  • Product exchange and return costs
    • In case the error comes from Only Yen’s side : Only Yến will bear the full cost of return shipping.
    • In case, due to personal needs, the customer wants to change another product: The customer will bear all the costs of returning and delivering a new product.
    • If the customer wants to cancel the order when receiving the goods: The customer bears all the shipping costs (delivery and returns).


  • Refund conditions

Only Yến will refund customers in 3 cases :

        • Refund when the order is successful but the product has not been received. This happens when the product is out of stock. Only Yến will be responsible for notifying you & make a refund.
        • The customer ordered the wrong product and completed the prepayment within 3 hours from the time of placing the order. Note that you must notify Only Yến. If Only Yen has sent the goods, the shipping cost will be deducted directly from the customer’s refund amount.
        • Refund when the customer has received the product, but the product is defective because of Only Yến.