Regarding the issue of invoices, currently for each of your orders after making a successful purchase at the store,
Customers can choose to issue invoices Only Yến, please send to customers the following note :

For customers who are companies and legal entities

    • Please provide complete information, full name and correct company name on the business registration certificate that you want to invoice, along with accompanying information including tax code information, address information. the company you want to send the invoice to, your phone number so that the customer service department can easily contact and handle.

For individual customers

    • Please provide full relevant personal information such as: full name of the person you want to invoice, phone number, invoice receiving address so that customer service department can easily contact and handle.
    • In order to avoid the loss of invoices during transportation, we will issue you an invoice within 15 working days (maybe later if the invoice date falls on a public holiday) after you receive it. receive the product and confirm that the delivery has been successful. Individual customers will be allowed to use e-invoices by default. If there are any other requirements or changes, please contact customer service for details and support.
    • If you need support information, please contact the hotline: 0902.613.869 for detailed information support, Only Yen sincerely thanks !