We pick the bird nest is to help to protect it !

Often when we introduce swallows to guests, the question often asked by guests is “Why do you want to go to the swiftlet’s house and eat it ?”

We have also introduced in the past that modern bird nest harvesting will follow three principles: no unfinished product collection, no swallow nest egg collection, no baby nest collection to ensure that swiftlets can continue to proliferate. What people may not expect is that picking up the nest is actually more beneficial for maintaining the space for the long-term nesting of the swiftlets !

| Swallows will not reuse the old home

Let’s start with the colloidal secretions of the swiftlets as the swifts build their nests. The main function of the bird’s nest is really the “cradle of the swiftlet”, which is the place to provide space for the young swiftlets to hatch and grow. When the swiftlets grow up, the swiftlets will fly out of the nest to the natural environment to hunt and rest.

Until the next farming period, because the old bird nest has been damaged (the bird’s nest contains a lot of protein, if not preserved properly, it will spoil). Therefore, the nest cannot be reused, so it will definitely be damaged, a new nest will be formed instead of the used one.


| Bird nest be picked after they leave

| Pick up the bird nest will help the swiftlet to build their home again

As mentioned above: Golden swift will not reuse the old nest, but will build a new one. It may not seem like a big deal, but there is still an overall space problem.

Swallows will not reuse the old nest, but will return to the old nest/house to reproduce and build the nest.

Inside the cave/swallow house, you will definitely find a lot of swiftlet droppings, leaving behind their foul smell. Swallows will follow the smell and rebuild the nest in the same swiftlet/swallow house that they have nested before—because this is where they consider appropriate and safe. A large number of swiftlets will build nests together and their next generation of swiftlets will hatch in the same burrow.

At this time, if the cliffs / banyan can nest in an environment that is not clean to create more space, then the flocks that need to build nests and reproduce will be forced to find another suitable place to do so. nest.

However, the natural environment is limited, swiftlets do not easily find other suitable spaces, swiftlets find it difficult to build nests and raise baby nests without space.

| In brief

After reading this article, do you think that choosing the nest and keeping the nest/swallow house with space for nesting is actually more beneficial for the continued reproduction of the swiftlets ?

Share this article with your friends so they know that bird nest picking is actually a better way to protect the nest !

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