Red Bird Nest – The beauty and sadness of bird

Bird nest is perhaps the most legendary chapter on the bird’s nest market, not just because of its looks. In addition to the bright red color of the bird’s nest, there are many stories behind it that are often told by people who like to eat oats. We introduced how the bird’s nest is formed and the difference in shape and color of the bird’s nest in “What is a bird’s nest?” And “What are cave nests and house nests?” This time, we would like to introduce “Blood nest”, a legendary bird’s nest product!

| Blood nest is considered the best bird’s nest

Swallow’s blood has a red appearance and rare quantity, so it is considered a rare species. Among the premium ingredients that protect the health of the bird’s nest, the blood nest takes the top position, making everyone eagerly awaited.

Bird’s nest is a very dangerous behavior, if you are not careful, you can fall down the cliff, it is not easy to eat bird’s nest, the rare blood bird’s nest is even more precious. Salanganes’Nest is often used as a tribute to the royal family and aristocrats, the common people can’t eat the blood nest, so among the people began to appear all kinds of rumors about swiftlets, no one knows who is right.


| The legend of the blood swiftlet

There are many different theories about how to form the nest.

Theory 1: Blood nests stained by vomiting blood from yellow swiftlets
This argument focuses on the lack of colloidal secretions in the nests of swiftlets, which can only squirt blood to form, so Bird’s nest is dyed red to form blood nest. “The swifts build their nests 3 times a year; by the third time, the swiftlets have spent a lot of energy and gradually not enough slime. The swifts will use more residue and impurities to build the nests. , and even vomit blood.The red swallow’s nest to form the blood nest is the hard work of the golden swift.

This argument has certainly attracted attention and reinforced its preciousness and rarity of the blood swiftlets. However, this statement is actually incorrect. OLDThe quality of the nest is mainly determined by whether the swiftlet can hunt enough food and rich secretions when building the nest. In the spring, things recover and there are more insects, swiftlets have an abundant food source, naturally obtain more nutrients, so they can build high-quality nests. By the time the third nest is built in the fall, the number of insects is decreasing, the swiftlets have little food, at this time they will use a lot of their manure to mix and weave into the nest to strengthen the nest. but will not spit out blood. In addition, the test results showed that in fact, very few blood components were detected in the swallowed blood, further confirming this hypothesis.”


Theory 2: Nest is okay formed by the intrusion and staining of minerals in the cliffs
Minerals contained in the cliffs seep into the bird’s nests and make the nests of birds of different colors; This is indeed a common natural phenomenon for the swiftlets in the cave, because the swiftlets in the cave are built on the cliff of the cave, and the minerals contained in the rock will pass through the nest and the rock wall, the surface contact of the bird’s nest slowly penetrates into the nest, especially the foot of the nest, the color will be darker and lighter when expanding upwards. This saying also reinforces the effectiveness of the bird’s nest, and the description of the top mineral-rich bird’s nest is also deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

However, this statement has also been overturned in modern times. Although the number is not large, some bird nesters have discovered the blood nest in the swiftlet house. This makes the statement that the bird’s nest is infiltrated by minerals no longer true (House nests are built on wooden boards or walls and will not be penetrated by minerals). In addition, the color of the bird’s nest when minerals penetrate will be the deepest from the bottom of the nest, the longer it stretches, the lighter the color. However, most types of swiftlets on the market are bright and bright red, which is not consistent with the natural formation of swiftlets in the cave.

| Causes of blood nest formed

Today, there is a more reliable basis for the formation of blood nests. Whether it’s a cave swallow or a house swiftlet, the golden swift will find comfortable caves or swiftlets to nest in, and will excrete its excrement. Where swiftlets nest, the air is usually very humid, and the further inside, the wetter the air. According to observation, the more outside the bird’s nest, the better the air circulation, the outside bird’s nest is usually pale and white, the less air circulation inside, the darker the bird’s nest inside, the easier it is. found more blood nest.
This finding indicates that the blood nests are born independent of the nests of the caves or the swifts of the house. In addition, it was found that the blood nest was born from deep nesting, most likely due to the pig’s feces of yellow swiftlets. Methane released by swiftlet droppings is not easily dispersed, stays in the deep for a long time and “smudges the nest into dark red”. This also led many people to discover that precious blood nests have a chance to be artificially produced!

| How to create blood nest

At present, modern studies have discovered how the swallow bird is formed, and the price of the swallow is still At a high level, people are eager for them. They use the yellow swiftlet’s feces to turn the bird’s nest into a red-blooded bird’s nest, so they deliberately put the bird’s nest together with the swiftlet’s excrement in a hot environment so that the swiftlet is quickly contaminated, it only takes 4 to 5 the day the bird’s nest turned red, and the longer it took, the redder the bird’s nest. Compared to the naturally-formed blood nest, this type of blood nest is more vibrant in color, all bright red, so it is increasingly attracting the attention of the public.

| The sadness of blood nest

At this point in the post, Iprint that people have discovered that the legendary bird’s nest was originally contaminated with feces to give it a bright red appearance. It is not like a bird that vomits blood to build a nest or a moving and divine animal that is rich in minerals. Even modern studies have found that bird’s nest blood actually contains a lot of nitrate carcinogens, eating bird’s nest will not be good for your health.

From ancient times, people considered red blood nests as precious treasures, tributes to royalty and nobles to eat. , hope to prolong life after eating, nourishing yin, nourishing yang. If these dignitaries knew that the legendary supplements they thought could nourish their bodies turned out to be products that could be harmful to their health, they wouldn’t know what to do. think and will be very embarrassed. To this day, many people still rely on the taste of bird’s nest, or pregnant women eat bird’s nest to nourish the body, making us worry.

We also ask that customers when buying bird’s nest products think carefully and avoid buying blood nests lest they fit. waste money, harm yourself.

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