How can I know the bird nest is real or not when I buy it?

There are many types of bird’s nest on the market, from origin, shape, color , etc. with different types of bird’s nest such as bird’s nest, horn nest, oat fiber, bird’s nest. There are many people who don’t know where to start and it takes a long time to choose and evaluate whether the bird’s nest you buy is real or not. If you have already purchased bird’s nests but don’t know if the bird’s nests you bought are genuine or not, then come and read this article, I believe it will be useful to you!

It’s really difficult to judge directly whether bird’s nest is real or not. naked eye! It can be said that the technology of counterfeiting bird’s nests of unscrupulous manufacturers is becoming more and more proficient, skills are also increasingly improved and “advanced”, relatively speaking, the possibility of consumers being damaged. disadvantage is greatly increased, so we must learn to protect ourselves!


Three tips: “One look, two touch, three smell” for allows you to easily distinguish the bird’s nest you buy is a real one or not, no longer doubting the nest in the bowl!

| “Look”: Beware of neat looking bird’s nest

The really dry bird’s nest will have different texture, size, color, if the nest in the bowl is very neat and If it’s all right, it’s a fake bird’s nest. In particular, the fake bird’s nest made of “edible plastic” will look very neat, the price of edible plastic is very low, the manufacturer can easily use the high price difference to make huge profits.

If you still can’t see the nest when it’s dry, try soaking it for at least an hour. If the soaked bird’s nest has “clumps” instead of “fibers” after soaking and the color fades, it means that you bought a fake bird’s nest, please return it as soon as possible, do not eat with the mentality of eating. great!

Usually, the bird’s nest after soaking in water will see the water clear, if the water has mucus, it may be a bird’s nest. Distilled with artificial glue, when dissolved in water, it will become viscous, ie the purity of the bird’s nest is not good.

| “Touch”: Be careful with perishable bird nest

Use two hands to gently squeeze the edge of the nest, if you see that the nest is easy to bend, it means ham water content of the bird’s nest is extremely high, this is often the case that a fake bird’s nest can be acquired!

| “Smell”: Don’t buy bird nest with an unpleasant smell

After removing the feathers, put the bird’s nest in the steamer, add water at room temperature and just cover the surface of the bird’s nest, You can add your favorite ingredients or herbs and steam for about 30 minutes or boil in an electric pot, just add a cup of water to the outside of the pot.


The three methods mentioned above are “basic skills” to recognize real and fake bird’s nest in a simple way.

However, as said earlier, the fraudulent technology of manufacturers in the market is getting better and better. and sometimes you can’t always tell the difference by the above ways. In addition, most brands of bird’s nests now offer instant bird’s nests, consumers can eat one jar per day and can eat processed bird’s nests by screwing the jar tightly, very convenient. But on the contrary, the packaged bird’s nests, the more difficult it is to distinguish real and fake bird’s nests!

So it is extremely important to carefully choose a reliable brand of bird’s nest. Trusted brands of bird’s nests will patiently explain to customers the origin of their nests, how to handle and clean the nests after picking, or can also check related bird’s nest inspection certificates authorities, such as general authorities such as SGS, ISO or HACCP Third-party certification to help customers buy with peace of mind is information you can refer to when buying bird’s nest!

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