How to distinguish the types of bird nest? Is it rated for size and completeness?

When entering the bird nest store, you can see many other bird’s nest products each other, such as bird nest, bird’s nest, bird nest or crumbs we have introduced. There are also canned bird’s nests, ready to be processed without distillation, conveniently bottled to drink during the day, one bottle per day for consumers.

Although there are too many choices on the market, Bird Nest is still the best choice. the head of many bird nest lovers. So do you know how the bird nest distinguishes the layers? In general, bird nests will have different grades depending on the size, completeness of the feathers after picking and the origin. Let’s find out with us this time!


| Reasons affecting the quality of bird nest

Is the big bird strong or not affects the size of the nest.
First of all, we mentioned in the article “Blood swiftlet – Beauty and sadness of swiftlets” that The quality of the nest is mainly determined by whether the swiftlet can eat enough food and the abundant nutrients secreted when the swiftlet builds its nest. Therefore, the strong swallows can get the most food when hunting and secrete more colloidal secretions to build larger nests; in contrast, weaker swiftlets tend to build smaller nests.


Swallow nesting time will affect the difficulty of cleaning the nest.
In addition, during the thrice a year nesting period, the insects and food that the swiftlets prey on will gradually decrease seasonally from the rainy season to the dry season, which will directly affect the nutrients they obtain. When swiftlets lack nutrients, they will burrow into the nest to compensate for the strength of the nest, this is the reason why the nest is mixed with many feathers and must be picked up and cleaned. Bird’s nests (first-stage swiftlets) built for the first time each year have the least feathers, while the third (stage three’s nests) usually contain more fluff and are more laborious to clean.

Bird nest source will also affect to the difficulty to get and clean.
The origin of bird’s nest or bird’s nest is also the cause affecting the quality, we mentioned in the article. “Swallow nest and bird’s nest” that the nest will be mixed with more impurities. This is because cave swallows nest in caves, prone to mineral impurities, seagulls and other elements. They’ll need more cleanup work in the future, so they’re more likely to wear out.

| How to rank bird nest

When buying bird nest, you may have seen many different names on the market like “Emperor’s nest, The Dragon’s Nest, and the Early Bird’s Nest.” In fact, these are just different titles, the ranks of the nest are mainly distinguished by the size and completeness of the nest.

Super, S3, S2
Take your finger as an example. Use finger width (range of fingers together) to measure the size of the bird nest. The larger the finger width, the higher the degree. For example, the two-fingered frame is called S2, the third finger frame is called S3, and the four-fingered frame is called Superframe, which means it is already a high-level bird.

Pick up and clean up affecting the size of the nest
Bird’s nests that are picked must go through the process of picking and cleaning before being distilled and eaten. Feather picking is extremely laborious and depends heavily on experience, using methods of dry picking, semi-wet picking, … to remove impurities clinging to the nest. The greater the number of feathers, the harder it is to pick up and easily damage the nest, the nest may be smaller or have an incomplete shape after picking and washing the feathers. As mentioned above, the larger the bird’s nest, the more advanced the finish, often with a higher price.

| Conclusion

You may have noticed that the quality and price of bird nest has nothing to do with nutritional value. This is because in normal processing, the nutritional value of different levels of bird nest will not differ too much. The difference between levels of bird’s nest is actually due to customer demand and the scarcity of high-end bird nest.

In the market of dried bird nest, the demand for gifts is increasing. At the same time with the gift exchange, customers always expect the gifts they send to be generous and temperamental, at this time the super bird nest seems to be very suitable for the purpose of giving, so it also has a higher price.

Rare things are expensive is also a reason why the price of high-end bird nest is increasing. After the bird’s nest is harvested, any process of picking and cleaning, even the transportation process, can cause the nest to be damaged or broken. In just one pass, it was still possible to maintain the size and completeness of the bird nest, the quantity was scarce, which pushed up the price of super bird nest.

Therefore, if you hear “the higher the quality of the bird nest, the higher the nutritional value, the higher the price” then you should know which side the problem is on right!

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