Where does the history of bird’s nest originate?

Swallow’s nest is a precious food for hundreds of years. But not everyone knows the origin of this delicacy.

| What is bird’s nest?

Swallow’s nest is a dish taken from the nest of swiftlets. Raw bird’s nest has the shape of a small bowl, exploited and found on cliffs or caves – where swiftlets live mainly.

Swallow’s nest is woven from many silk threads with the saliva of two species of swiftlets, Aerodramus fuciphagus and Aerodramus maximus. Bird’s nest contains many pure nutrients of nature, comparable to pearls and jewels. When the nest is formed, if it is removed, the swiftlet will make a new nest. Depending on many different factors, the color of the bird’s nest changes. Currently, blood nest (red nest) is the most appreciated type of bird’s nest in terms of nutritional value.


| So where did the bird’s nest come from?

Legend, bird’s nest originated in China more than 400 years ago, often used in imperial cuisine .
In Vietnam, bird’s nest was also a high-class product in the ancient royal court. Along with spring rolls, phoenix rolls, rhinoceros skin, bear hands, deer tendons, orangutan lips and elephant leg meat, bird’s nest is classified as Bat Tran – 8 dishes that belonged to the masterpieces of kings in the past. Bird’s nest industry in Vietnam thrives in the South Central provinces such as Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen,…

| The development of bird’s nest today

Today, with the development of science and technology, besides natural words, many people have taken the initiative. develop bird nest farming in the house. Salanganes’Nest in modern society is considered a gift of high value. This dish is also gradually becoming closer to every Vietnamese family.

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