Tell you 3 tips to distinguish bird nest

<3 Its great nutritional value. However, on the market today, fake bird's nest appears more and more, making many consumers confused. Don't worry because we have ways to distinguish real bird's nest from fake so that customers don't have to lose money unfairly, let's take a look at the following 3 tips of "Only Yen", both simple and effective.

| Method 1: Observe with the naked eye

Real nest
– The bird’s nest is thick, firm in hand, arched in shape. – Has a slightly fishy smell like egg white – Has an ivory color, slightly yellowish, or red, orange for blood oats and red swiftlets – Holding the bird’s nest in front of the sun, the bird’s nest fibers are milky white – The bird’s nest is flexible, naturally tough, has elasticity, does not break /p>


Fake nest
– The bird’s nest is thin, light in weight
– The smell is pungent, burnt, and the smell of additives is
– Bright white color- Holding the bird’s nest in the sunlight, there is reflective and transparent white
– Dry bird’s nest, no elasticity, easy to break

| Method 2: Soak in water

Real nest
– Expands to 6-8 times larger than the original size, does not dissolve – The oats are still intact – Does not change color – Effervescent >Fake bird’s nest
– Blooms a little, melts a lot
– Swallow yarn is mushy
– Discoloration
– No bubbling


| Method 3: Try with iodine solution

Real nest
– No response
False oats
– Turns green. Particularly for blood oats and fake bird’s nest: darkening again

To avoid buying poor quality products, you should only choose to buy bird’s nests from brands reputation. Salanganes’Nest products from the brand “Only Yen” with 100% completely natural oats, ensure the best source of nutrition for you and your loved ones. Contact us immediately for the best support!

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