Vegetarians can eat bird nest?

Today, the way to stay healthy is in vogue, eating bird’s nest is a food. Essential nutrients for many people to stay healthy. Eating bird’s nest can not only supplement yin and nourish the lungs, but also help restore the skin to a certain extent. It can be said that it is the best tool to nourish the body, but because the number of people eating bird’s nest is increasing, the questions of consumers about bird’s nest are also increasing day by day, and many different questions are asked. out. Today we will answer a very common question “Can vegetarians eat bird’s nest?”

“World Vegetarian Population Report 2017” has shown that the country has a high percentage of vegetarians. The world’s largest is India, and Taiwan is second. When it comes to population, there are about 3 million people, so a lot of people take care of their health. People ask the question “can vegetarians eat oats?” this type of question.

I want to tell everyone that vegetarians can actually eat bird’s nest. The following uses two different perspectives to tell you why vegetarians can eat bird’s nests:

| The nest itself has no life


From the bird’s eye view, they use substance mucus in their mouths, chewing decayed food and some feathers as they nest. It does not harm the life of any swiftlets, and the construction of a swiftlet house is an inevitable journey. The life of a bird is not artificially forced, so the formation of a bird’s nest does not harm any life.

If If you want to know more about the origin of bird’s nest, you can read this article: What is bird’s nest?

| Eating bird nest will not harm swiftlets

Evaluating the habitat of swiftlets, many people mistakenly believe that eating bird’s nest will lose their home, To be honest, this has actually happened before. In the early days, due to not fully understanding about bird’s nests, many people who went to pick bird’s nests picked bird’s nests when they did not know that there were young birds in the swiftlet house, causing the young birds to develop unfavorably. In addition, due to the low quality of the equipment, they mainly rely on manual picking. Today’s swiftlet farmers generally have full knowledge about the nests, when picking, they must confirm that there are no young birds in the newly picked nests, and the picking equipment is getting more and more complete.

| Conclusion

After reading the above article, we can know that eating bird’s nest will not harm the bird’s nest, and for For vegetarians, bird’s nest can also be eaten. If you have other questions, please leave us a message!

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