The origin and development of bird nest

What is the swiftlet house?

Swallows breeding “that because of the high risk of swiftlet picking, modern swiftlet farmers will build swiftlet houses to attract swiftlets. The nests taken from the swiftlet house are called “Swallow’s Nest”. The coastal areas of Indonesia and Malaysia are the main production areas.

In the past, building houses and raising swallows largely depended on luck, but now the knowledge of swallow farming has been improved, equipment is better, but attracting swiftlets to live is still depends a lot on the long term. If a link is flawed, the probability of failure is still very high, there are many Yan Nong farmers who have lost money after a large investment. If you are intending to invest, build a swallow house and raise swallows, I recommend you think about it! “

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