The ways to distinguish the types of bird’s nest

Are you wishing to learn and use bird’s nest but confused because there are so many types on the market? The following article will help you distinguish the types of bird’s nest, and find the most suitable product for you!

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If based on the origin, the bird’s nest will be divided into 2 main types, the island’s nest and the house’s nest.

Island nest
Is a type of bird’s nest that lives in caves or high cliffs. Due to harsher natural environmental and climatic conditions; So the island nests often have a stiffer and heavier texture. However, they also contain more hairs and impurities. Island nests are more difficult to exploit than home nests, so the output is also less, the price is higher.

Nest House
Raised in specialized houses for raising oats, inside will be equipped with lure devices and tools to create an environment and temperature similar to caves. House nests usually have less feathers and less impurities than island nests.


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To classify bird’s nests by color, people divide them into 3 types including: blood nests, canaries and canaries .

Blood nest
In terms of nutritional value, blood oats also have some special minerals, plus it is very difficult to exploit blood oats, so this type of bird’s nest has a very high price.
In Vietnam today, blood nest is only available in Khanh Hoa

Red bird nest
Bird’s nest is a natural bird’s nest. Swallow’s nest is made up of orange, brown, pink, or pinkish-colored oats. The color of the swiftlets is also due to the impact of minerals in the caves as well as the cliffs where the swiftlets nest. The darker the color, the higher the price.
In terms of nutritional value, the bird’s nest is not much different from the home’s nest but still has a higher price because of the concept that the bird’s nest is more nutritious. Red swiftlet has a lower price than blood nest.

White swiftlets, also known as white bird’s nest, possess ivory white oats. White swiftlets have a lower price than blood oats and canaries. This is the most common type of bird’s nest on the market today.


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Original bird nest
Raw bird’s nest is the purest type of bird’s nest, harvested directly on rock caves or swiftlet houses. A raw bird’s nest is only about 7-9g, with feathers intact, removing impurities. Raw bird’s nest is easy to identify with many black feathers distributed throughout the nest and has a fishy smell like egg white, quite heavy in the hand. When distilling, raw bird’s nest fibers expand about 7-8 times, tough, crispy, rich in nutrients.
In terms of price, raw oats have a not too high price. However, the process of handling and cleaning is very time-consuming because there are too many hairs attached to the oats. In terms of nutritional value, the blood nest also has some special minerals, plus the Exploiting blood oats is also very difficult, so this kind of bird’s nest is very expensive.
In Vietnam today, blood nest is only available in Khanh Hoa

Bird nest clean
Refined bird’s nest (cleaned bird’s nest) is a bird’s nest that has been carefully treated with a tool to clean the nest. It helps to completely remove the bird’s nest hairs and impurities. Refined bird’s nest after processing is pressed like natural bird’s nest but heavier. Each refined bird’s nest weighs 8-10g and only expands 5-6 times more when soaked in water. This is also the product of bird’s nest chosen by many people, and it is easier to use because it is carefully washed and retains its nutritional content.

Top bird nest
The feathered nests (Premium nests) are carefully selected from beautiful nests with very little feathers. Then the bird’s nest will be sprayed with mist and meticulously plucked. Using pure water to clean, retain all the valuable nutrients in the bird’s nest. Only highly skilled workers can undertake this work, and not all establishments can produce this type of bird’s nest. When soaked, the feathered swallow’s nest expands like a bird’s nest and leaves the bird’s feet intact. Therefore, the price of feathered bird’s nest is usually more expensive than the above two types.

Hopefully the above information will help you to distinguish the above types of bird’s nests. market. With 100% pure ingredients from real oats and reasonable prices, the brand “Only Yen” will help you find the right product for your needs.

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