Postpartum stretch marks are terrifying. Remember to eat bird nest to take care of yourself !

Most women have a 60-80% chance of getting stretch marks during pregnancy. The number of stretch marks varies depending on the mother’s physique. Many beauty-loving moms see stretch marks on their belly not only for their mental breakdown but also for various pregnancy symptoms. It’s hard work for pregnant women around the world! Today we want to explain to everyone that in addition to the usual ways to reduce stretch marks, you can also eat bird nest and take good care of yourself! Get your notebooks ready, let’s get started!

| What are the causes of stretch marks ?

| When will stretch marks appear?

| How to treat the appearance of stretch marks ?

Honest that said, it’s not possible to completely avoid stretch marks, what we can do is hope it’s not too obvious on the belly. Here are three main points about stretch marks for your reference :

Add enough water: help metabolize old dead skin cells, maintain the body’s natural metabolism.
Reduce calorie intake: less starch, too much carbohydrate, easy to form excess fat.
Pay attention to skin care and massage, moisturizing: As mentioned above, stretch marks will appear around the 20th week, mom!

| Take good care of yourself and eat bird nest !

Swallow’s nest is rich in protein soluble in water, amino acids and various trace elements such as calcium, potassium, … These elements are one of the very important elements constituting the human body, which has the effect of promoting the process of metabolism. metabolism of the body and help to secure pregnancy, nourish the female body before and after giving birth. The most important thing is that bird’s nest can also beautify, nourish pregnant women, maintain health and youthful beauty.

| Start eating bird nest in the first 6 months of pregnancy

Best time to spend is during the first 6 months of pregnancy, that is, the first period of pregnancy. You can continue to consume 3-5 grams per day. Try to be as light as possible to help fully absorb the nutritional value of bird nest!

| Conclusion

Regularly massage abdomen, adjust diet, use oats Regular and long-term poles, although it takes a lot of time and effort, can still keep your body healthy and keep a beautiful appearance. I believe these are all worth the investment. Hope you keep your body and good mood after giving birth!

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