How does Only Yen produce bird nest? Let’s find out together

Swallow’s nest is one of the culinary masterpieces ranked in Bat Tran. What makes the value of bird’s nest is not only an extremely high source of nutrients, but also a very meticulous and elaborate process of exploiting and processing bird’s nest.

| The production process of bird’s nest of the brand “Only Yen”

At “Only Yen”, we ensure the production process of bird’s nests meet quality and safety standards, keep full natural and pure taste of bird’s nest. We had to be careful from exploiting, searching, raising and breeding swiftlets, then harvesting the nests to have the best ingredients put into the processing from:

After harvesting, we check the quality of each type of bird’s nest, the quality nests will be continued to be processed.

Bird’s nest is cleaned, removing dirt and impurities. Then the bird’s nest is soaked in clean water until the oats are loose.

The worker will use the cleaned tweezers to manually pick up the feathers of the bird’s nest. They will carefully pick up every large hair, small hair down to the remaining impurities. Each part of the bird’s nest is cleaned and placed in a bowl of clean water. This is the most meticulous and time-consuming stage.

Dry, save Swallow’s nest is completely dried and drained before storing. After that, the bird’s nest will be boxed and shipped to consumers.


The processing of bird’s nest of the brand “Only Yen” takes place in a sterile, closed environment. We are always committed to a safe production process for consumers:

Conforms to hygiene standards Food safety
No preservatives and chemical additives
Regularly send test samples to the laboratory to check for safety points such as the number of bacteria
Products stored at constant temperature to maintain the best freshness of food.

We are constantly improving and evolving to make the process most efficient and deliver a product that can The highest nutritional value.. Bird’s nest “Only Yen” is made from 100% real bird’s nest, will be a reliable companion in every meal of your family.

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