Why we cook bird nest with rock sugar?

When we are stewing bird’s nest, in addition to bird’s nest, many people will add some ingredients to create flavor or enhance taste such as adding honey, rock sugar, simmering with pear, papaya The most popular of these are: add a rock sugar to cook together to make bird’s nest with rock sugar. So why add “rock sugar” instead of using granulated or brown sugar for flavoring?


Rock sugar has the effect of nourishing
the lungs and keeping the lungs moist

Traditional Chinese medicine generally believes that rock sugar has a sweet taste and a flat nature. Has functions such as moisturizing, reducing heat and gas, keeping the throat warm, and cooling the body. When stewed in the traditional way, rock sugar is very suitable for making seasoning. Therefore, when stewing bird’s nest, adding rock sugar and cooking together is always the most traditional and popular way.

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