How are island swallows and house swallows formed?

Many people wonder how the bird nest is formed but has a lot of nutrition and high price. Besides, as many people still think that swiftlets secrete saliva to build nests, the truth is that it is the glue contained in the saliva of swiftlets secreted by them to build nests.

| Island bird nest

Island swiftlets often nest in caves and cliffs. They have a habit of nesting in a fixed position for many years.
At night, when the salivary glands develop, the swiftlets use their tongues to push the glue out of their mouths and then swipe several times against the wall of the cave to shape. After 2-3 hours, the glue from their mouth will dry again. The swiftlets continue to swing on the edge of the nest and bow their heads down to continuously secrete glue into the nest. It’s not easy to secrete the colloid of swiftlets, but they have to ruffle their feathers, close their eyes, and work very hard to secrete the glue on the walls. That is why the nutritional value of bird’s nest is very high. And it is also because in the process of secreting the glue, the swiftlets have to ruffle their feathers and kick their wings, so sometimes there are swiftlets flying into the nest and sticking to the oats that haven’t dried yet, so there is a rough type of nest. and bird feathers.


On average, each night swiftlets will build about 1 mm of nests. And they will continue to build until they feel the size of their nest is large enough. The nest structure is at first like a loofah, and then becomes more and more tightly woven. When the nest is completed, the swiftlet is about to lay eggs. At this point we can harvest oats. After laying eggs, swiftlets continue to build nests 1-2cm higher, so the old nests are usually larger in size than those that are harvested early.

| House bird nest

House swiftlets will nest in the house. Bird nests are now often built along the coast, in places with cool climate conditions, ensuring that birds can stay well at night. During the day, the swiftlets go out to feed. At night, they return and choose a suitable location in the swiftlet house to nest (usually the wall of the house and this is their permanent position). They also secrete glue to build nests like swiftlets. Birds nest each time it takes about 4 months. Bird’s nest is not easily formed, so it is extremely precious.

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