Boat-shaped bird nest in general and triangular bird nest, which is better? Why is it cheaper ?

When people shop for dried bird nest products, the popular bird nest shape on the market is usually boat-shaped, the bottom shape is relatively round and resembles the bottom of a boat, so it is called a boat-shaped bird nest. There are also other types of bird nests with other forms such as dried bird nest in the form of bird nest, bird’s nest, etc. Besides, there is also the triangular bird nest that we are about to introduce today.

| What is Triangle Bird’s Nest ?

In terms of appearance, the simplest difference between the triangular bird’s nest and the boat-shaped nest in general is the part the bottom of the nest is more triangular and pointed.

They are the same as said boat-shaped nest In general, all come from the nest of the swiftlet, the reason for the triangle shape is mainly because the swiftlets cover the corners of the nest when they build the nest, the nest has a triangular shape.

| Why is the triangle nest cheaper ?

In terms of nutritional value , the triangular bird’s nest is similar to the boat-shaped bird’s nest. However, the price of the triangular bird’s nest is lower than that of the boat-shaped bird’s nest in general, equivalent to the price of the bird’s nest, why? In fact, the reason is the same as our conclusion in “How do you classify bird’s nests? Are they graded by size and completeness?”: In the market of dried bird’s nests, the demand for bird’s nests is increasing. gifts are larger, and the shape of the triangle-shaped nest is less than that of the boat-shaped nest, beautiful and less sold, so the purchase price after harvest is lower, the triangle-shaped nest after the natural picking process also cheaper.

| So, is the triangle nest harmful ?

As mentioned above, the The difference between triangular bird nest and boat-shaped nest (or bird nest) is mainly the difference in shape, form and customer’s gifting needs, making their prices significantly different. But from a nutritional value perspective, there is no difference between the triangular bird nest and the boat-shaped bird’s nest in general.

Therefore, if you are buying bird’s nest for your own use, the triangular bird nest is a very suitable dry nest product. In addition to the difference in shape, the nutritional value of the bird’s nest is not bad but the price is relatively close to the people, really a good choice for your own consumption!

< p style=”font-size: 15px; font-family: lora; text-align: justify;”>Finally, I still want to remind you. When buying bird nest products, whether it’s dried bird nest, tam That bird nest or instant bird nest, be sure to choose a reputable merchant carefully!

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