What is bird nest?

Swallow’s nest” has long been considered a sacred product with nutritional value high maintenance. Many women will eat bird’s nest after pregnancy and childbirth to help nourish and beautify the skin before and after childbirth. Used during pregnancy can take care and nourish the body, supplement nutrition, improve physical strength. If taken for a long time, it also helps a lot for beauty.

However, many people think that the nest is the nest of the swiftlets downstairs, and eating bird’s nest is eating bird’s saliva! The reality is not so, today let’s find out briefly what bird’s nest is.

| Bird nest is the nest built by the golden swift

In general, the nests sold on the market are nests because the swiftlets are called “golden nests” in the family. swiftlets make nests, not the nests we often see on the road.

There are different types of nests: from ordinary houses under the eaves of other people’s houses, to deep forests, coastal areas, Each place rears different types of oats due to different growing environments. The common bird’s nests on the roadside are house nests made of soil mixed with branches and leaves, this type of bird’s nest is completely inedible, this type of bird’s nest has no nutritional value. Besides, no one cooks the soil, branches and leaves and eats it, right?


| Bird nest is not the saliva of swiftlets

The structure of swiftlet saliva is different from other swiftlets, they can secrete a secretion colloidal form in the mouth, this secretion will be especially active when the swiftlets prepare to nest. When the yellow swiftlet prepares to nest, the mouth will spit out thin, viscous silk threads, after being blown by the sea breeze, the young silk will form a translucent and pale yellow nutrient, then combine the down, plant fiber, insects, etc. And finally condensed into a half-moon-shaped bird’s nest, this type of bird’s nest is the “nest” with high nutritional value that we buy in the market.

So, the main component of the nest is the “glue” secreted by the golden swift when building the nest, not the nest. not “saliva”, their saliva is only used to digest food.


| Birds leave the nest before picking the nest

Swallow’s lifespan can reach about 18 years, each year will build 3 times. From February to MayThe 10th of every year is the breeding period of swiftlets, during this time swiftlets will begin to build nests to provide laid eggs and young swiftlets to live in. The swiftlet house will improve the structure of the nest by incubating the eggs and developing the nest.

When the swiftlets are grown enough to fly out of the nest and can feed on their own, the nest is surrounded by swiftlets will lose their function and they will never return to using the same nest again. At this time, the bird’s nest harvester will remove the complete bird’s nest, followed by picking and cleaning the bird’s nest, then going through the process of cleaning and disinfecting, when it will be the bird’s nest. we see in the market.

After this explanation, everyone probably knows that bird’s nest is a nest with a half-moon shape. formed by the colloidal secretion of swiftlets mixed with some fiber and other substances as they build their nests. And the collectors carefully remove the nests after they leave the nest, clean them carefully, conduct high standards of testing and processing, and finally release to the consumer!

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