Who is suitable for eating bird nest ?

Why eat bird’s nest? How does eating bird’s nest help the body? Who is suitable to eat bird’s nest? I believe these questions are the questions in the minds of people who are exposed to bird’s nest for the first time. Bird’s nest is a nutritious product, helping to regulate fitness, beauty and some other effects (extended reading: nutritional value of bird’s nest). Some people may like to say, to nourish the body, just drink medicinal chicken soup! However, chicken soup is relatively greasy, the medicinal herbs in the soup can increase the tonic effect, but the body must spend more energy to metabolize, not suitable for patients with weak health.

Swallow’s nest has a nutty taste and a hint of egg white, very useful for providing nutrition level. Bird’s nest is a natural food that is extremely healthy for health, so it is very suitable for men and women, young and old, hot and cold, hot and dry, different people will have different effects when eating bird’s nest.

Let’s see what different people do when eating bird’s nest!

| Benefits of baby eating bird nest

Under normal circumstances, breastfed babies can start eating bird’s nest when they are six months old, or four months if the baby is not breastfed. But each baby has a different level of development, parents can judge when the baby can start eating bird’s nest based on the baby’s weight, sleep, development, behavior and reflexes! Here are some ways to differentiate:

Weigh t: Weight needs to be double birth weight or at least 6kg.
Sleep : Time sleep decreases, and expends more energy than before.
Development : able to control head rotation and upper body lift.
Behaviour : Drooling, scooping or chewing on sight of food .
Tongue reflex : Baby will use his tongue to spit out food.
Baby eating bird’s nest helps in good digestion, regulates stomach and increases appetite. Cooking: can be distilled into water and then mixed with milk or baby food.


| Benefits of eating bird nest for pregnant women

In addition to health and nutrition for pregnant women, eating bird’s nest is also useful for the baby in the belly!

First of all, the nest contains EGF epidermal growth factor, which promotes the exchange process nature of the body, so pregnant women who do not have time to wear makeup can easily maintain their beauty!
Second, pregnant mothers start from the 3rd month of pregnancy, this is an important period for the development of the baby. Bird’s nest contains a large amount of sialic acid to help the fetus develop normally.

Third, the large amount of water-soluble protein in bird’s nest, as well as trace elements necessary for the human body such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, can provide a large amount of necessary nutrients. for pregnant women!


| Benefits of eating bird nest for women after giving birth

Acid in bird’s nest and epidermal growth factor in bird’s nest can help to nourish the body.

| Benefits of eating bird nest for children and adolescents

Swallow’s nest is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements necessary for the human body. human, can regulate physical fitness and physiological function. Sialic acid and epidermal growth factor may allow children to avoid injury during normal developmental play.

| Benefits of eating bird nest for office workers who often stay up late

Long-term eating bird’s nest can provide stable nutrition for the body, can allow the body to consume excessive energy, although unlike the energy drinks on the market bring immediate effect, bird’s nest helps to regulate the body in the long run, is the most basic health regulation for the human body .

| Benefits of the elderly when eating bird nest

Swallow’s nest is rich in water-soluble protein, helping gray-haired people maintain their health and youthful beauty; rich in trace elements such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, etc. can also help regulate physiological function.

| Conclusion

In addition to the above examples, eating bird’s nests can also help regulate physiological functions, eating bird’s nests for diseases Injured patients are also useful for post-operative rehabilitation. Bird’s nest is a nourishing and sedative product, suitable for all ages, suitable for both savory and sweet cooking.

Finally, everyone must know that bird’s nest is currently the only source through which a large amount can be obtained. sialic acid from food.

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