What’s the difference between bird nest, yarn, horn, and shredded ?

Because of the high nutritional value of bird’s nest, it is always a popular nutritious food. in the Chinese world. However, I believe that many people will often hear sentences like “swallow’s nest”, “swallow yarn”, “swallow horn”, “shredded bird’s nest” when buying bird’s nest. These products are essentially bird’s nest, but what is the difference between these products? Let’s find out more through this article!

Swallow’s nest, yarn, horn, bird’s nest are damaged during processing handling, picking, cleaning after picking oats, these oats are intact or damaged. In terms of nutritional value, they will be different due to the difficulty of cleaning, in addition to the finish of the form will also cause differences in foam, taste and price, and of course the price will also be different. together. If you want to eat bird’s nest with high nutritional value, you can start with “swallow’s nest” or “swallow yarn” first!

| Bird nest

Swallow’s nest is the type of nest that retains the most complete shape after the nest is picked. Its shape is usually boat or triangle shape, because of the complete shape, it has the best foaming, the most delicious and soft taste, it is loved by the general public and is very popular as a gift, self take care of. Therefore, the price is the highest and is the first choice for gifts on holidays and Tet.


| Yarn

The shape of the nest is not as complete as the shape of the nest that is often split during the picking process, or is broken in the process of picking and cleaning, will be sold for a long time as a nest.
The foam of the bird’s nest is moderate, the taste is similar to the bird’s nest, the price is relatively affordable for everyone, the first choice for most people! In addition, the price of bird’s nest will vary depending on the size of the nest.

| Horn

Swallow horns are swiftlets, to fix nests on cliffs when swiftlets build nests, they will spit out heavier viscous secretions on the sides of the nest to stabilize the nest, the more durable the elastic parts at these ends. The horn of the bird’s nest usually has a triangular structure, due to its weight bearing, the horn of the swiftlet has more colloidal content and is the relatively hardest part of the nest, often cut apart to create the shape of the nest. more complete nest. The effervescence of the bird’s nest is low, the taste is delicious, and the price is relatively low.


| Shredded

Shredded bird’s nest is a type of bird’s nest that is broken during the process of picking, cleaning or handling, the bird’s nest does not have a fixed, small shape, which can come from many different parts of the bird’s nest. Bird’s nest should be relatively low effervescence and unstable taste, the price is also the lowest.

| Conclusion

The degree of damage of bird’s nests, oats, horns, and crumbs depends on the damage in the process of picking up. or handling will cause different cleaning difficulties, the easiest to clean starts with the most complete shape of the nest, followed by the oat fibers, the horns and the crumbs. The nutritional value of bird’s nest, horn nest, and bird’s nest will also be different due to the difficulty of cleaning. Each person’s needs and preferences will be different. Especially for the demand for gifts during the holidays and New Year, people prefer to buy bird’s nest with a complete shape, in addition to the complete and generous shape, the nutritional value is also very high, making it a suitable gift for people. personal purpose. If you maintain and eat it yourself, many people will choose bird’s nest, which has the same nutritional value and reduces the financial burden.

We also want to remind once again that when buying bird’s nest products, be careful to choose the units reputable sales. You can also refer to our previous article “How do I know if the bird’s nest I bought is real?” To help you easily distinguish real bird’s nest from fake bird’s nest, avoid buying fake bird’s nest that harms your pocket and health.

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