What should I do if I can’t finish the bird’s nest?

Are you excited to cook a big bowl of oats, but you can’t eat it all? Or lazy to cook many times, just want to cook all at once? Whether you are a person? Regardless, you should know one thing, that’s how to properly store cooked bird’s nest! If not properly preserved, the nest no matter how valuable it is, the precious bird’s nest will also be degraded by the invasion of mold!

First of all, before how to preserve bird’s nest, you must know how to cook bird’s nest. After learning how to stew bird’s nest, let’s refer to how to preserve bird’s nest!

| Store bird’s nest in the refrigerator

The first way is to keep it in the fridge.

Just like the usual logic of keeping leftovers in the fridge, low temperatures are used to achieve intended to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Before freezing the bird’s nest in the refrigerator, please make sure that the bird’s nest container can be completely sealed. Once sure, put the bird’s nest in the refrigerator. In addition, if the bird’s nest has not been frozen in the refrigerator, remember to put the uncooked bird’s nest in a cool place first to avoid bacteria and mold growth.

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