Baby can eat bird nest ? 4 points to note for more peace of mind.

Bird nest is a nutritious food that many pregnant women and pregnant women choose to eat to supplement nutrition and nourish the body when about to give birth and after giving birth.

There are also some new mothers who want to practice eating bird’s nest for their young children, hoping to help them not only drink milk but also add some nutrition, so that they can grow up happily.

However, there are some points that mothers need to pay attention to when feeding their newborn baby bird’s nest! Before suggesting that mothers feed their children bird’s nests, let’s take note together.

| How old are children to eat bird nest ?

| For babies eating bird nest, the dosage is 1/2 of an adult.

| Make sure that the baby is not allergic to proteins (proteins).

Bird nest contains a lot of protein, although few people are allergic to protein, you must give your child a small amount of bird nest for the first time when feeding them, and observe for a few more days to notice if your baby is sick. allergy.

If your baby has an itchy skin rash, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., it’s likely that he’s allergic to protein !

Should stop eating bird nest first, consult a doctor and confirm the baby’s condition can eat bird nest before feeding again !

| Bird nest for babies should simmer for a longer time.

The bird nest that adults normally eat can be eaten as long as it is slowly steamed for 30 minutes. However, the digestive ability of babies is not as good as that of adults, so the time to cook bird’s nest for babies is more than 5-10 minutes.

| Summarize

We understand that every mother wants her child to have a solid health, a strong physique, and always wants the best for her child! Bird’s nest is a great source of nutrition, but when feeding your baby, you must ensure that your baby does not have an allergic reaction. You should only eat bird nest after 6 months of age, simmer for a longer time, and divide it into smaller pieces so that your baby can eat it. easy for baby to digest. If this article is useful to you, please share it with us !

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