Unveiling the mysterious artificial blood nest production process

Blood bird nest is always a favorite product of the bird’s nest, because the natural source of blood is scarce, so the price of bird’s nest is often very expensive. Because of this, we mentioned in our article on the pros and cons of bird’s nest that some illegal suppliers will start to “process” the bird nest by hand as it can be sold at a low price.

Last time we only briefly introduced the method of making bird’s nest, this time we will introduce it in more detail and remind everyone to avoid buying bird’s nest. You will know when you look at it!

| Prepare a place to store blood swiftlets

| Prepare bird dropping

Next, the worker puts a large amount of bird droppings into the iron mesh, mixes the manure, soda powder, and water together to keep the air inside always hot and humid, helping the subsequent fermentation process take place faster.

| Let the bird droppings ferment

After the bird droppings are fermented inside, the discharged wastewater will be drained out through the drainage pipe below. Workers will dry the bird droppings through the drying process, turning them over and over again and again so that the bird droppings are evenly exposed to the sun and kept slightly moist. Then the bird droppings will be slightly red.

| Start smoking bird nest

The final step is to officially cook the bird’s nest. The worker will put another partition on top of the bird droppings container, put the nest (which can be pulled) on top, cover it with a plastic bag and cover it with a cloth. Let the nest and bird droppings stand together to seal the space. Soon, after 4-5 days, the bird’s nest will be completely red with fermented bird droppings, that’s your amazing blood nest on the market.

| Avoid eating blood bird nest

Therefore, we also hope that customers when buying bird’s nest products can think carefully and avoid buying bird’s nest. Buy at a store that specializes in providing high-quality bird’s nest like Chi Yen, which can provide detailed information about bird’s nest for you, so that you don’t waste money but harm yourself!

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