Dried bird nest and instant bird nest? Which one do you want to choose?

The bird’s nest has long been considered an excellent product for health care among the Chinese nobility. If in the past, people used to only have dried bird’s nests to choose from when buying bird’s nests, now, some companies have offered instant bird’s nests for consumers to drink. However, many people still prefer to buy dried and self-distilled bird’s nests. So is there really a difference between dried bird’s nest and instant bird’s nest? Let’s see !

| Dried Bird Nest

The dried bird’s nest can be divided into horned bird’s nest, fiber bird’s nest, nest nest and shredded bird’s nest, which is distinguished according to the processing process after the bird’s nest is harvested. In general, dried bird’s nest with a more complete shape is the first choice of people when buying bird’s nest.

For dried bird’s nest you can cook it yourself, can grasp the nutrients of the bird’s nest and the foaming time. If you want to add ingredients, you can add them yourself, such as pears and papaya.

Although you can cook your own dried bird’s nest, the flavor can be adjusted, it is necessary to go through the stages of distillation, pickling, picking and stewing, it takes time to take care of the bird’s nest, it takes several hours to cook the bird’s nest. Quite inconvenient for modern busy office workers. Because bird’s nest distillation is very time-consuming, it will usually be slightly larger and divided into several servings, and the amount of bird’s nest that needs to be preserved each time must be carefully preserved to keep it fresh.

In general, dried bird’s nest can be stored for about three years. However, the bird’s nest itself is protein, so it must be stored as dry as possible in a storage environment that can prevent air to ensure that the dried bird’s nest is not degraded and damaged.

When buying dried bird’s nest, you need to pay attention to avoid buying fake bird’s nest, because bird’s nest is expensive, the processing process of bird’s nest is complicated, for high profit, some unscrupulous business people will use many different ways to mix fake bird’s nest, poor quality flows to the consumption market, you must be careful when choosing.

| Instant Bird Nest

To respond to the change in human lifestyle, modern bird’s nest manufacturers have launched consecutive instant bird’s nest products. Ready-to-eat bird’s nests are broken down in glass jarsso that consumers can take them with them and avoid incidents when chung.

The biggest point of instant bird’s nest is convenience. No need to waste time and effort heating bird’s nest water, consumers can take a can of bird’s nest and drink it immediately after opening the can, which of course is much more convenient. At the same time, the amount of each serving has been broken down in glass jars, consumers do not need to worry about how to store the remaining bird’s nest after the bird’s nest has been cooked.

To make bird’s nest smoother and easier for consumers to eat, they often add alum sugar water to adjust the taste. Therefore, how many real bird’s nests are contained in each can of instant bird’s nest is a source of profit for the business. In recent years, bird’s nests with extremely high content have also been launched on the market, claiming that the whole jar is pure bird’s nest, without moisture, but the price is similar to high.

Because instant bird’s nest is a distilled bird’s nest, the shelf life is shorter than dried bird’s nest, although wrapped in glass jars, the shelf life is usually only up to 2 years and cannot be stored for long. If you find that processed bird’s nest can be stored for several years, pay attention to whether there are any ingredients that should not be added.

If you say dried bird’s nest is easy to counterfeit, the more places you can get your hands on in the production of bird’s nests. If the actual amount of bird’s nest that traders pour in is not too much, it can be considered a trifle and does not affect your health. But if you buy poor quality bird’s nest (they may not know it themselves) it can also harm your health. Consumers have no way to judge.

| Conclusion

The life expectancy of modern humans is changing rapidly, many people no longer take time to cook bird’s nest, so convenient instant bird’s nest has become a good choice for people to buy bird’s nest and maintain daily use.

However, whether it is dried bird’s nest or instant bird’s nest, you must also pay attention to avoid buying fake bird’s nest to avoid harm to the body. At this time, the selection of reputable merchants has become the most important thing in choosing bird’s nest.

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